Sunday, May 11, 2008


Recent Comics I Have Read

Mighty Avengers #13: Shorter Bendis: "This'll show you all for not reading Secret Wars!"

New Avengers #40: Yeah, it's Battlestar Galactica.

Avengers/Invaders #1: Hmmm, okay. Not sure about this. Art okay, like seeing the actual Captain America back. Have to assume this is some weird hiccup of continuity seeing as how Cap never "remembered" any of this.

Batman #675: Bad art. Jezebel Jet is annoying and pointless. Plus, the eye-finger guys from 52.

Captain America #37: Red Skull is well-presented, as was the Hawkeye vs. Bucky America confrontation.

DC Universe 0: It was free. And worth every penny.

Detective Comics #844: The cartoonish artwork goes well with Dini's writing. Nice, creepy origin for the new Ventriloquist. I still liked the Goth look for Zatanna better.

Infinity, Inc. #9: Mediocre art, reads sort of like an X-Men for DC. How old is Mercy supposed to be?

Iron Man Viva Las Vegas #1: Jon Favreau makes his own continuity, which is cool with me. Liked the artwork, fairly snappy dialogue. Not sure how Tony Stark pulled off the whole bathroom change thing and still kept his secret identity, though.

Justice League of America #20: Another team-up, this time Flash and Wonder Woman. Pretty well-handled, nice art and good dialogue for Flash. This may be part of the set-up to retire Wally and reinstate Barry Allen, desecrating the last grave in the superhero universal cemetery. Heaven forbid that any meaningful death ever be allowed to keep its meaning.

Ms. Marvel #26: Agent Sum is more interesting and Machine Man way more creepy than I originally thought. Paranoia strikes deep.

Noble Causes #32: Picks up five years later. Artwork is vastly improved and the new characters are intriguing, though I missed Liz Donnelly.

Powers Annual #1: Sigh, more of the super-apes. And with fur thong bikinis.

Secret Invasion #2: Okay, this is WAY more interesting than the interminable exposition in the Avengers. Bendis is doing a good job of stretching out the suspense over who is really a Skrull.

Amazing Spider-Man #558: My first BND issue and it was intensely adequate. Given that the whole BND shtick was to bring back the "glory days," it's pretty disappointing that this storyline doesn't even remotely approach Roger Stern's run. Creaky dialogue, silly plot. And Peter Parker living with his aunt in his late 'twenties doesn't make him an Everyman, it makes him pathetic.

Superman/Batman #47: Return of a concept from Generations and JLU that really makes sense when you think about it, even without Luthor as President.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #8: Black Condor has been leeched of all originality and reduced to a New Age-spouting, Tarzan-talking stereotype. Very sad.

Wonder Woman #19: Simone continues to grow into the role, developing an interesting take on the main character. Artwork slipping, though.

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Well, Barry died to save to universe (which still exists) so his death is certainly not robbed of meaning...the billions of inhabitants of the DCU ALL owe their existence to Barry Allen whether he stays dead or not.
Your point is well-taken, but it's sort of like the "resurrection" of Jean Grey--in both instances, the universe was saved through a noble personal sacrifice...that kinda seems like not that big a sacrifice at all if the person making the sacrifice comes back. At least they waited 20 years or so on Barry Allen.
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