Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Carnival Cruise

If they could see me now...


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Who Wants to be Scipio?

From Absorbascon, Scipio's review of "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" I've only watched parts of a couple of episodes, but I was generally pleasantly surprised. Stan Lee remains a hoot.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Recent Comics I Have Read

52 #9-13: While the "History of the DC Universe" is still boring and pointless, and the artwork is spotty from issue to issue, I continue to enjoy the overall storyline. Ralph Dibny's tortured soul is well-portrayed. Not sure about Batwoman, yet. I'll be interested to hear her origin.

New Avengers #22: Not surprisingly, Luke Cage refuses to throw in with Iron Man. I thought his and Jessica Jones' characters were done intelligently and sympathetically. "And I ain't gonna have my kid grow up to find out that after all we been through, her daddy buckled to the man." Damn straight. "Don't take no shit off nobody." "She's three months old. How much shit you think she'll be taking?"

Batman #655: Good artwork by Andy Kubert, intriguing story featuring Bruce Wayne more than the Batman. I'm looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

Captain America #20: Another pre-Civil War piece, continuing Cap's reunion with Union Jack and Spitfire in London. Brubaker seems to have a good handle on the Red Skull. I just wish we could forget Cyber-Bucky.

Civil War #3: Still trying hard to like this, or at least not to hate it. Is there some reason why characters like Tony Stark and Mister Fantastic have suddenly sprouted all-new personalities? Cap's line, "You shouldn't have taken down two of my boys, Tony," was priceless.

Detective Comics #820: Decent artwork, though why Batman would wear such an obviously accessible bluetooth on the OUTSIDE of his cowl is beyond me. I liked the fact that Scarecrow's toxins revealed threats from Beyond the Retcon.

Detective Comics #821: Do NOT like the art; too, I don't know, Roy Lichtenstein for my taste. Writing by Dini not nearly as crisp. Facade is a moronically stupid villain concept.

Detective Comics #822: Artwork slightly better. I like the notion of the Riddler as celebrity PI to the stars.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #31: Continuing the concept that everyone in the Ultiverse is a complete and utter moron. "Oh no, the zombie FF seemed to vanish into thin air! Let's crack open the containment seal and rush in to check, because surely INVISIBLE Woman couldn't be pulling a fast one on us!" What's next? Doctor Doom defeats our heroes with the ol' "pull my finger" gag?

Green Arrow #63-64: Winick's writing is still good but I LOATHE G.A.'s new costume. It looks like an old AIM outfit with the sleeves cut out. Deathstroke in prison has its moments.

Invincible #34: Global Guardians from the future. Mark is a hero who is actually deeply upset when he kills an enemy, particularly when he worries he used excessive force. Another crappy CAPES back-up, but fortunatley the giant crocodile seems to be killing them all.

Iron Man #10: Don't like the armor with the "Pretty Woman" boots. Sentry vs. Iron Man plays more like Dark Knight Returns. Still have no idea what Nick Fury is doing here, since he was apparently kicked out as head of SHIELD before the New Avengers were even formed, wasn't he?

JSA #87: Pretty decent end to the series, at least for now. Best line? Ma Hunkel to Mister Terrific on why ghosts can't touch Stargirl: "Don't you know our girl--our sweet strong little Courtney--she's a virgin, you overeducated moron!" Wow, those True Love Waits wrist bands really do work!

Ms. Marvel #5: Still going strong. Carol flirting with Dr. Strange, and Dr. Strange flirting back, was a nice touch. I like this series.

Powers #19: More back to basics, less super-powered Christian and Deena. Again with Bendis' bizarre fascination with orgazmo-powers. And why is their a highly-public superteam out now? Aren't powers still illegal?

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So What Was the Damn Point?

Once again, Scipio distills my thoughts as though they were his own. If all that was accomplished was a few minor tweaks in continuity, what was the purpose of the bloated, rambling and nearly incoherent Crisis?


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Greatest Moment in My Life

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