Thursday, April 10, 2008


Recent Comics I Have Read

Mighty Avengers #11: Well, so much for what I said about Dr. Doom being well-presented. What clumsy, stilted dialogue! Maybe he's really a Skrull...

New Avengers #39: Okay, the Skrulls have infiltrated the world but the Super Skrull does such a crappy job as Daredevil that D-Lister Echo can see right through it?

Captain America #36: Bucky America continues to thrill and annoy. I thought I could handle Cap with a gun, but now maybe not so much. He had to shoot a non-powered teenage girl in the back? I did like the fact that the crowd refused to listen to Bucky America.

Green Arrow & Black Canary #7: Cheap joke at the beginning and a ripoff from X-Files. I'm back and forth on the flat cartoonish Chiang artwork, though I do appreciate that Speedy still has the physique of an actual teenage girl. The "interrogation" scene was entertaining.

Invincible #49: Big superheroic throwdown against Doctor Seismic. Mark learns the hard way that he can't even trust the government; after finding out his Dad was actually a murderous alien bent on world conquest, he has to be developing a complex.

Justice League: The New Frontier #1: Absolutely wonderful. The Batman vs. Superman fight (a great DKR homage) alone is worth the cover price. "I waste a bit of rubber on him and get clear just as the missile detonates." Backup features are great, too. Really makes me want the TPB and the DVD.

Justice Society of America #14: The cover seems unrelated to the story inside, a pretty good battle with Gog. The sheer size of this team may be getting problematic, however, given that none of them have their own titles. Hard to really stand out in a crowd this big.

Ms. Marvel #25: Another retro-style flashback which I enjoyed, right down to the Buscema-esque art and editorial footnotes. More behind-the-scenes maneuvering. Remains a solid book.

Secret Invasion #1: Surprisingly good, though with a very distinct Battlestar Galactica flavor. "He loves you," was I think what put me in mind of the religious zealot Cylons. I'm genuinely intrigued and looking forward to seeing how far this all goes.

Titans #1: Nice round-up issue, plus Starfire cheesecake. Nice to see the old team I remember from the great days of Marv Wolfman and George Perez.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #7: Good alien invasion story, even though I hate alien invasion stories for the most part. Also, a little unsure of the continuity here; are there just no other superheroes on Earth besides the Freedom Fighters?

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