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Sunday, September 24, 2006


Tales of the Dominion War

Tales of the Dominion War is an excellent concept marred by spotty execution. Some of the stories, such as "The Ceremony of Innocence Is Drowned" by Keith R.A. DeCandido (who also serves as editor), are very well written and fill in gaps in the overall television series storyline (in this particular case, the invasion of Betazed). Others, such as "Eleven Hours Out" by Dave Galanter take a good idea (the Breen sneak attack on Earth and the Enterprise's role in the war) and ruin it with truly horrific writing (the "news broadcasts" in particular are an over-used cliche done howlingly bad). As a result of the inconsistent quality (even worse than normal for an anthology), I have to recommend this one only if you can find it in the discount bin.

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Recent Comics I Have Read

52 #14, 15, 16 & 17: Art continues to be spotty, but at least it's on schedule, which is more than I can say for Civil War. The storyline in Khandaq is interesting but ludicrous; in what Muslim country would 100% of the inhabitants suddenly start worshipping a self-proclaimed god and a goddess that dresses like Isis? Would this happen in America? Are we supposed to be believe the "natives" are just that naive or is this a condescending "The Man Who Would Be King" scenario? The space saga is boring and when did Starfire develop a sense of modesty?

New Avengers #23: Spiderwoman joins the resistence. She spends 2/3rd of the issue in her underwear because, you know, this is a comic book. I did like the scene of her fleeing the exploding island on a speedboat; very James Bond.

Batman #656: Batman vs. ninja man-bats. Artwork tolerable. And, oooh, big surprise at the end! I actually like the idea, puts me in mind of Kingdom Come (which was excellent) and Superman & Batman: Generations (which was good only in concept, not execution). I hope he doesn't turn out to be a clone, Clayface off-shoot or the product of Superboy pounding on the wall.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #32: The merciful end to the godawful "Frightful" saga. Anything original or interesting about Ultimate Doctor Doom has now been pounded out. The Wasp has somehow gone from being an Asian woman to Julia Louie-Dreyfuss with short hair. Admittedly, it was entertaing to watch Doom/Reed literally rip zombie-Thing's arm off and beat him to death with it.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #33: Artwork...different. Can't tell if I like it yet or not. Definately less light-boxing. The story reminds me a little too much of 1990's Chris Claremont, and not in a good way. I reserve judgment.

Ultimate Fantastic Four Annual #2: Art very good, Mike Carey's writing even better. Nice snappy banter. The Mole Man is presented as pathetic, as well he should be.

Green Arrow #65: Nice blend of politics and action. Great scene where Mayor Ollie confronts Theodore Davis. "Goddam fascist sons of bitches."

Iron Man #11: I still don't like the art, still wondering where Nick Fury is coming from. Maybe this is the same robot that Spiderwoman took out. Still not sure why we are retconning Iron Man's origin to 2002.

Justice Leage of America #1: Excellent issue, though I'm not a fan of the artwork. Good blending of the holy trinity (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) picking a new League while other seemingly unrelated events swirl around the edges. The return of Red Tornado was heartwarming, without being too sappy or maudlin.

Ms. Marvel #6: I continue to like this book, and its portrayal of Ms. Marvel as a strong, dedicated and above all professional superhero. Yes, there was an unnecessary panty-shot, but it was positively restrained compared to New Avengers or, God help us, All Star Batman & Robin.

Ultimates Annual #2: Excellent story, excellent interplay between Cap and the Falcon. Artwork mostly good, even if "Southern Missouri" looked an awful lot like Arizona in some panels. I liked the concept of Ultimate Arnim Zola being recruited by the CIA in an "Operation Paperclip"-like scenario. I also greatly enjoyed Captain America's "formal costume," complete with "c-cap" (people who are or have been in the military know what I'm talking about, and why I'm abbreviating it).

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Friday, September 15, 2006


Camelot...In Space!

A friend of mine forwarded this to me.

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