Saturday, March 01, 2008


Recent Comics I Have Read

Giant-Size Avengers #1: Several short, silly insubstantial stories with artwork ranging from good to dubious, plus two flashbacks--one a classic, the other silly.

Batman#674: Conclusion of the 3rd Man arc. And more Superboy fist/Super Worm powered retconning to further rob Jason Todd's death of any meaning.

Captain America #35: My annoyance at Bucky America is slightly offset by an intriguing and convoluted plot by the Red Skull. Why is the Guice and Perkins art so dark, though?

Invincible #48: A Mole-Man-esque villain captures every hero in the world. More on the Invincible/Atom Eve relationship.

Justice Society of America #13: Pretty good art, including some Alex Ross inserts. The Gog storyline is intriguing.

Teen Titans #56: I like the fact that these Titans are presented as real teenagers, apt to stupidity and bone-headed stunts. In this issue, Kid Devil, the nerd of superhero-dom, stars as a "walking teen cliche."

Wonder Woman #17: Wonder Woman defeats a secret cabal of Amazonian fundamentalists. Artwork a little weak at points and Simone's writing is a, maybe? Stiff? Just doesn't have the sparkle of Birds of Prey. Probably just needs a little more time.

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