Thursday, February 21, 2008


Recent Comics I Have Read

Mighty Avengers #9: Three!,(count 'em!) three double-truck splash-pages of the Avengers going all shock and awe on Doombots. I actually preferred the Djurdjevic painted artwork in the first three pages, with the skull-like helmet on Doom. And now maybe Iron Man will finally discover the shocking secret of whatever happened to the Silver Age?

New Avengers #38: Takes place right after the Annual, and I still don't get Jessica Jones. Her actions seem way out of character. Are they supposed to? Is this designed to make us paranoid about who might be a Skrull? Damn you, Bendis!

New Avengers Annual #2: Good art, a brutal battle, a human side to Ms. Marvel. A reminder of why magic is scary.

Captain America #34: Eh, sigh. I can only hope now that Jason Todd becomes the new Batman.

Detective Comics #841: Neat, funky art by Nguyen, typically excellent story by Dini. One nitpick: I realize Batman is the World's Greatest Detective, but can he REALLY recognize every "small-time grifter and part-time 'escort'" at a glance?

Green Arrow & Black Canary #5: Nice retcon of Green Arrow and Connor's origins together. Was Connor always bi-racial? Or is it just that artists really don't know how to do bi-racial?

Justice League of America #18: Still not a fan of the Benes art; frankly I preferred Jon Boy Meyers' cartoony work on the Red Tornado back-up. And how exactly is the Hall of Justice an embassy? Is that some kind of holdover from the Keith Giffen run? Gitmo in space is a nice touch, though.

Justice Society of America #12: I like the idea of the original Amazing-Man retconned as a Civil Rights icon, but Markus Clay's getup is ludicrous. Is anyone supposed to take him seriously in that pseudo-Dashiki number? Quick, the Blockade Boy signal!

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #4: Red Bee has been reading Superman, it appears. Also, is it just me or does Darrell Dane look like George H.W. Bush (at least in the first few pages)? And Robbins looks like some kind of combination of Tony Stark and Clark Gable. And how many secret government super-teams are there?

P.S. Thanks for the link, Fangirls!

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