Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Because Kalinara Demands It!!

Okay, Hale:

1. If you could rewrite one major plot development in either big universe to suit your tastes, what would you choose?

Hmm, hard to pick, what with both houses producing some godawful work lately. I'd have to say throw out the Civil War. The. Entire. Thing. It was a halfway clever concept, but it is beyond redemption. Just drop the entire storyline, dump into the Marianas Trench and never ever speak of it again.

2. If you could take one character from any comic and insert him/her into the cast of another comic, who would it be and what comic would you drop it in?

Captain America into the Justice Society, because dammit he deserves better!

3. If you could make a villain and a hero who are not usually direct adversaries have a knock down no holds barred fight, who'd be fighting?

Assuming I can cross universes? Superman and Galactus. That'd be something to see.

4. Zombies or dragons?

Dragons. Or maybe zombie dragons.

5. If you could give a "hang in there" poster to any character in superhero comics, who would you give it to?

Captain America. Dammit, he deserves better!


He does deserve better. Dammit.

Though it'd be kind of strange to see him in the JSA; he's always so much the exception in the Marvel U, so it would be odd to see him among so many of his own kind, so to speak.
Good point. Of course, I've always complained that the JSA was WAY overloaded with WWII heroes who never aged. Maybe if Cap was the ONLY surviving WWII hero and the rest of the JSA was composed of legacy heroes?
Don't worry...I predict Cap will be back and as good as new eventually.
Wow, Rob, that was unbelievably rude of me to sit on your comment for that long. I haven't been updating (obviously) and for some reason I never got an email alert. Sorry, again and please drop by here anytime. My New Year's resolution is to update here a little better than once per season.
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