Monday, July 30, 2007


Recent Comics I Have Read

Amazons Attack #4: Okay, I can't really decide if I like this or not. Started out strong, with fairly good (if overly bright) artwork, but now the storyline has become a muddled, Marvel-style "crossover event" where it's impossible to keep the action straight without buying 10 other books per month, and I'm not willing to do that.

New Avengers #32: Still not sold on Yu's artwork, though I remain a fan of Bendis' snappy dialogue. I always thought the Skrulls were fairly stupid as far as Evil Alien Invaders go, though this plot is more in keeping with their distant cousins twice removed, the Dire Wraiths of Rom fame.

Birds of Prey #108: Good artwork, good story, though the ending was a trifle schmaltzy and deus ex heroine. The "old rival from the past that we've never heard of now coming back into our life" bit? Tha's old, man.

Detective Comics #834: The unsatisfying end to an unsatisfying Zatanna team-up (and why is her hat suddenly way too small for her?)

Green Arrow Year One #1: Eh, I suppose it was inevitable that GA's origin would have to get updated, but I will miss him as a cranky, aging hippy ("Goddam fascist sons of bitches!"). Definitely NOT a fan of the "Jock" art.

Invincible #43: Nice "between adventures" story centered on Mark deciding that college maybe isn't really worth the hassle, and the Immortal having a crisis.

Justice League of America #11: What could have been a nice, self-contained story focused on two of the members without their own books (Vixen and Red Arrow) and what it must be like for heroes who can't fly through the Sun is spoiled by having Vixen (previously established as a tough, smart hero on her own) turn into a crybaby on the edge of a nervous breakdown. If Meltzer is going to put Vixen through a personal crisis, could we at least have some lead up to it?

Justice Society of America #7: The new Commander/Citizen Steel is basically rather callously manipulated into a new heroic identity by the JSA. I did really like Superman chowing down on sloppy joes and one of those tiny little cardboard cartoons of milk you get in elementary school, however. Also, the Tau of Wildcat: "Fists are nature's problem solvers." And Power Girl is shaping up to be a pretty good leader.

Ms. Marvel #17: I continue to really like this book. Good wrap-up to the AIM/Modok story arc. The plotting is good, dialogue is crisp, and the artwork is very good, even if Carol Danvers looks to be barely old enough to drink.

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