Sunday, July 01, 2007


Recent Comics I Have Read

Amazons Attack #3: Eh, I think I've had my fill of War on Terror metaphors. Art is better than the writing.

The Mighty Avengers #3: Okay, the thought balloons are annoying. Stop them immediately. Ultron is well-presented and more interesting this time than in previous "DIE FLESHLINGS!" incarnations. Curious to see how all this ties into the Civil War.

The New Avengers #31: No thought balloons makes me happy. Still unsure Yu's art. The flashforwards and flashbacks have stopped, which is good because they had lost their charm. And Elektra is a Skrull? Hwah?

Birds of Prey #107: Pretty good art, nice characterizations. Gail Simone knows, loves and respects her characters and it shows. Anyone who can make Catman seem cool...Features yet another annoying resurrection, but by this point I'm pretty numb to it.

Detective Comics #833: Dumb villain with a lame surprise (and what? Batman is suddenly paralyzed or something?), unconvincing interaction between the Batman and Zatanna (and btw is there anyone in the DCU Bruce Wayne didn't meet as a boy?). Artwork seems a little less stiff this time, though I preferred Zatanna's more recent Goth look.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #43: Interesting art, good dialogue. The whole "Reed Richards screwed up" thing is getting old. Movie tie-in, obviously.

Green Arrow #75: Good fight, though the ending is silly. I like it when Ollie gets to stick it to the man.

Justice League of America #10: Story silly; cover abominable. Sorry, I just don't like Michael Turner; his women are so distorted as to be repulsive, not sexy (Suspension of Disbelief demonstrates how the original sketch was even more freakishly, infantile-fetish distorted). And this story was just stupid. Meltzer obviously has a thing for dork Silver Age Legion tales and he fanboys all over this arc to prove it. Feh.

Justice Society of America #6: Tie-in to the ludicrous Lightning Arc in JLA, only with somewhat better writing and worse art (although Power Girl actually looks like she has a spine and is more than just a life-support system for ginormous boobs).

Noble Causes #30: Art continues to improve. Good soapy story, though I would've liked to have seen the actual trial of Rusty.

Ultimate Vision #4: Gah-Lak-Tus comes across as much more powerful in this one module than it did in the entire mini-series devoted to the entire planet-sized behemoth. Good art, good story, but I wish Vision didn't look like C-3PO as a stripper.

Wonder Woman #10: I think Jodi Picoult has a good handle on WW and I like the way she is presented here, particularly her internal conflicts. Pretty decent art by Paco Diaz.

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