Thursday, December 07, 2006


Recent Comics I Have Read

Birds of Prey #100: Superb issue. Good artwork, a cast of all-female protagonists shown as intelligent, skillful professionals. I really enjoyed the concept of the new Birds of Prey as a sort of superhero clearing-house or union hall, not unlike the JLU. Back-up feature with Black Canary is weak, and suffers from extraordinarily stilted dialogue.

JSA Classified #18: Good second-parter featuring the Hour Men, but it ends weakly on a truly stupid "sit com"-ish ending where all the characters get together and chuckle at the camera. I appreciated that Bane was given a motivation a little more deep than "I must break you."

JSA Classified #19: Doctor Mid-Nite is an intriguing and under-utilized character, much like Mr. Terrific, so I liked this opportunity to have him shine solo. The use of the urban myth was a good starting point, though the whole storyline reminded me of the John Sublime arc in X-Men.

Next Wave #9: Snarky and funny. I can't decide if I like this or not. The concept of a team of D-List superheroes is good.. "A city on jets! A terrorist city! A flying trap!" = good line. The "return" of Forbush-Man may a little too self-referential. Further study is indicated.

Superman #657: Nothing like a good Superman story with barely a cameo by Superman. The futuristic, post-superhero dystopia bit, man, tha's old. "Khyber" is a stupid name and he sounds an awful lot like Apocalypse.

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