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Recent Comics I Have Read

52 #22: Eh, sigh. Okay, in what jurisdiction can you throw someone (even someone with a previous conviction for rape) from a moving bus just for being an obnoxious jerk and the police let you go without much more than a stern talking to? Pretty obvious Metropolis is not located in South Dakota. "Super Chief" is a moronic name, and does NOT translate into "Saganowahna" in ANY Indian language (the Cayuga word for chief, for example, is hahsenowah-neh). "Manitou" is an Algonquin NOT Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) concept. Nor am I aware of any Haudenosaunee tradition of euthanasia. Just...really bad. Not much better than "Apache Chief."

Detective Comics #824: No tentacle-rape this time. Not a fan of the artwork, still too stiff and wooden. Penguin remains pathetic. And since when are the Batman and Zatanna such pals?

Eternals #1, 3 & 4: Excellent, excellent miniseries re-introducing the Eternals into the Marvel Universe. I think the last time I saw them, Starfox (stupidest. name. evar) was joining them into some kind of giant floating 'shroom. Wonderful writing by Neil Gaiman and great artwork by John Romita, Jr. Nice touch? The "Who Wants to be a Superhero?" television show that is really nothing but pro-Registration Act propaganda.

Green Arrow #66: Okay, so now I know where Green Arrow learned to use a samurai sword. It's still a stupid idea, though. And why is it no one gives a crap about their secret identities anymore? All these assassins and other teachers Ollie pays to come to his private island and he thinks no one is going to talk? The same guy who rationalized mind-rape in Identity Crisis as necessary to protect secret identities?

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #2: It's apparently Native American Superhero Revival Month at DC. I must say, though, Black Condor is considerably better-presented than (sigh) "Super-Chief." For one thing, Jimmy Palmiotti actually did his homework on the Navajo and grounded the origin in real history (The Long Walk; nice touch having Jonah Hex there, btw, though I always thought he fought for the Confederacy) and actual beliefs (the Spider-Woman). Of course, all Native American heroes have to have a magical/mythological origin (just as nearly all of them have to be either Navajo or Cheyenne) because there are no Indian scientists who might fall into a vat of radioactive chemicals or get bitten by a genetically-engineered wombat.

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As far as Zatanna and Batman, I kind of figured she believes she owes Bats for the whole mind-rape thing.

And Bats, being the kind of uptight grudge holding type he is, probably agrees.
Eh, your point may well be valid. They still seemed awfully chummy to me, compared to what a dick Batman was to Green Arrow recently. of course, that was pre-Superboy fisting the universe, so who knows if it even happened or not.
Yup, Hex did fight for the South. This was an "artist" mistake, according to the writers.
Well, I'm not going to complain too much. Black Condor is one of the least stupid Native American superheroes to come around in a long time.
Good comments on Super-Chief. See Super-Chief Lives for more on the subject.
Thanks. I kind of caught some heat for my "create your own Native American superhero" post, though. Sarcasm apparently does not always come through clearly on the interwebs...
Your sarcasm was clear to me. Meanwhile, good comments on Black Condor also. See Black Condor Takes Off for more on the subject. (What, you expect deep thoughts this early in the morning?)
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