Sunday, October 01, 2006


Recent Comics I Have Read

52 #18: I like the fact that the chimpanzee with the Sherlock Holmes shtick is a Republican.

52 #19: Evil Skeets, eh? Supernova is Kon-El? Do what to who now?

52 #20: And now Supernova is....who? Jason Todd?

52 #21: Just for the record, I did not, in fact, ask for Infinity, Inc. Man, but the art is just really...not good.

Batman #657: Damien? Damien? I'm sorry, but the subtlety eludes me. Was the name "Evil Lad" already taken? Andy Kubert cannot draw children; I don't care who trained the little bastard, no 10 year old has abs like that. And should we really leave Alfred alone with a vicious little killer? Like I said, the concept of "Son of the Bat" doesn't bother me; the execution so far, though, is sloppy.

Captain America #21: I would've really liked this storyline, but for #$%^&^^!! Bucky.

Captain America #22: Much better outline of Cap's views on the Registration Act than the raging, nearly incoherent sociopath we see in Civil War #4.

Civil War #4: Eh, sigh. This would actually be pretty good, if it starred original characters and not long-established properties who are forced to act completely out of character in order to drive the plot along. And why is it that little Damien (there's that name again! Coincidence? Or a sinister conspiracy?) had a "favorite toy since he was three years old," given that we've now established that Iron Man is only four years old and the toy Iron Man is his current armor?

Detective Comics #823: God, this was disgusting! The story was decent, but the artwork was barely above the level of Japanime tentacle-rape porn. And what is George Clooney doing wearing the Bat-suit on the cover? And since when did Stan Lee take the place of Commissioner Gordon?

Ultimate Fantastic Four #34: A wacky misunderstanding among heroes from other dimensions! Just like the good ol' days.

Iron Man #17: Still dislike this art, dislike the smart-ass wise-cracking Iron Man even more. Though I guess Tony Stark as Spider-Man is better than the soul-less fascist asshole he's become in Civil War. And I still have no idea what Nick Fury is doing here.

Justice League of America #2: Still good. Art is a little better.

Ms. Marvel #7: Marvel and Wonder Man hunt down an unregistered mutant who looks exactly like Ultraman. Good art, though; nice action sequences. I like the way Marvel justifies her actions in support of Registration.

Ultimates 2 #12: The Evil Liberal Army gets its ass kicked. Quicksilver vs. Hurricane, Hulk vs. Abomination, and Captain America vs. uh, the W guy? Anyway, all very hardcore action. "Darth Maul wants his lightsaber back, motherfucker!" and "What's the square root of six million, two hundred and eleventy?" = priceless.

Uncle Sam & the Freedom Fighters #2: Artwork is inconsistent and shaky (not to mention Phantom Lady's gigantic shiny boobies), but I like the concept and especially the portrayal of Uncle Sam.

Union Jack #1: Good character, fairly decent story, marred by creaky dialogue. Gage admits he's no Brit, but whoever is proofreading his dialogue needs to try again. I'm not British, either, but even I could tell the slang is dated. "Old sod"? Is there anyone under 70 who still says that?

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