Sunday, July 30, 2006


My Super Ex Girlfriend

Fairly cute movie. I liked the fact that all the characters just assumed the existence of superheroes. Yes, it was neat if your buddy happened to see G-Girl putting out a fire, but it wasn't a life-changing event. Superheroes as celebreties, in other words; as cool as if your buddy saw Uma Thurman in a restaurant. The concept was clever, but I think it would've been better if the script had focused more on the female superhero as a metaphor for men's basic insecurity about strong/successful women. Maybe that's why G-Girl is so incredibly unlucky in love, and neurotically paranoid. As it is, her character is barely explored and we really have no idea why she goes insane after Luke Wilson's character dumps her. Yes, there are hints that Luke Wilson's character considers himself a fairly open-minded guy (at least in comparison to his wonderfully loathesome best friend played by Rainn Wilson) and some hints that he feels intimidated by G-Girl (and not just in bed), especially once he learns her secret identity, but more could've been done with it. There is a funny scene at the end where Wilson's character and reformed supervillian Professor Bedlam (wonderfully played by Eddie Izzard) are left holding their super girlfriends' coats and purses as they fly off to save the day. So, all in all, a pretty clever idea, with some genuinely funny moments, but it could've been better with a little more work.

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