Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I Miss Frank Miller

This cartoon reminded me. Remember his run on Daredevil? Classic. How about Dark Knight Returns? Redefined the genre. And then comes Dark Knight Strikes Again. Bad, bad, unrelentingly bad. RoboCop 2? Cringe-inducing. And now Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder. WTF? How is it good writing to make Batman an asshole? Sigh. I miss Frank Miller. But not in a gay way.

Well, to be fair, everyone makes Batman out to be an ass these days, not just miller. The problem is, those writers are tying to approximate the feel Miller gave Batman in Dark Knight, only instead of tough, mean, determined, but with some humanity, they wind up with just an asshole.
Excellent point, and I guess I should've been clearer. I LIKE Batman as an abrasive, compulsive, paranoid personality. For one thing, it's a great contrast to overgrown Boy Scouts like Superman. For another, his personality is part of the costume. As he once told Superman, "Not all of us are bulletproof." But, in Batman & Robin, he seems reckless, "unprofessional" AND an asshole. I suspect they are playing this up to emphasize that he's an amateur just starting out, but he wasn't like this in Year One. Or maybe it's to show that "having a kid in tow" really did "straighten him out." Whatever it is they're trying, it's not working.
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