Saturday, February 18, 2006


Cape of No Hope

Okay, I've been playing CoH long enough to have a couple characters over lvl 20, but for the first time I decided to get a cape for one of them. Not knowing what to do, I stupidly took the game at its word at went to go see "Serge" the tailor. Ended up knocking off 30 Tsoo with a team, until one of them took pity on me and sent me in the right direction, to the City Representative in Atlas Park. I then go on an extended tour of Paragon City, listening to various people tell me anecdotes about Hero 1 before we end up in Perez Park fighting mutates. We manage to complete bollix up that mission, I died, and we actually failed. So, have I completely blown it, cape-wise? Do I get a do over?
I mean, look at this guy! He clearly needs a cape, right?


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