Wednesday, January 11, 2006


It's Purpose & Origin, A Complete Mystery

Welcome, all fellow middle-aged dorks, goobers and nerds. With this latest time-wasting debacle, I will offer my bitter reviews of Fantasy and SF books and movies and share my twisted thoughts on role-playing games, comic books, computer games and other things you wouldn't normally let your more respectable friends know you are interested in.
My personal tastes run to paper and pencil role-playing and my personal favorite system is Iron Crown Enterprise's RoleMaster, which I have been playing in one form or another since college. Of course, back in the day, like all the rest of you, I played Dungeons & Dragons, and that's the engine I used to create the very first Hale of Angelthorne, an old style bard from the back of the Player's Handbook. Like probably most of you, I am a cranky old man when it comes to the latest version of that game excreted by Wizards of the Coast. Currently, I am involved in a Star Trek campaign using Decipher Games products (they have easily the crappiest web-site ever devised for a company that apparently actually wants to sell something). From time to time, I also play Champions, though my superhero role-playing began with the old Marvel Superheroes system from the late, great TSR.
I was reluctantly drawn into MMORPGs by Neverwinter Nights and am now addicted to City of Heroes and (to a much lesser extent) World of Warcraft.
I still sporadically collect comic books and graphic novels, and remain more of a Marvel than DC fan, though the balance has shifted quite a bit since high school.
In future installments, I review the latest books I've read and movies I've seen and offer my thoughts on the games I'm involved in.

"Songs will be written of this day, even if I must write them myself!"

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